Piotr Gaczyński

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NpFeGa(5) single crystals prepared by the Ga-flux method have been investigated by magnetisation, specific heat and (237)Np Mössbauer spectroscopy measurements. An antiferromagnetic (AF) transition has been observed at T(N) ~114 K. The second AF transition which takes place at T* ~74 K has only been detected in the magnetisation data. A saturated ordered Np(More)
I. Halevy,1,2,3 A. Hen,2,4 I. Orion,2 E. Colineau,4 R. Eloirdi,4 J.-C. Griveau,4 P. Gaczyński,4 F. Wilhelm,5 A. Rogalev,5 J.-P. Sanchez,6 M. L. Winterrose,3 N. Magnani,7 A. B. Shick,4,8 and R. Caciuffo4 1Physics Department, Nuclear Research Center Negev, P.O. Box 9001, IL84190 Beer-Sheva, Israel 2Nuclear Engineering Department, Ben Gurion University,(More)
We report (237)Np Mössbauer measurements on NpFeAsO. The Np atoms were found to occupy only one crystallographic site. The value of the isomer shift (δ ∼ 9.1 mm s(-1) versus NpAl2) indicates a 5f(4) electronic configuration (Np(3+) ions). The magnetic ordering of the Np sublattice below 60 K is established and the saturated ordered magnetic moment is(More)
The synthesis and magnetic properties of the oxalate-based molecular soluble magnets with general formula [K(18-crown-6)] 3[M (II) 3(H 2O) 4{M (III)(ox) 3} 3] (M (III) = Cr, Fe; M (II) = Mn, Fe, Ni, Co, Cu; ox = C 2O 4 (2-)) are here described. All the reported compounds are isostructural and built up by 2D bimetallic networks formed by alternating M (III)(More)
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