Piotr Fabian

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SBASE 3.0 is the third release of SBASE, a collection of annotated protein domain sequences. SBASE entries represent various structural, functional, ligand-binding and topogenic segments of proteins as defined by their publishing authors. SBASE can be used for establishing domain homologies using different database-search tools such as FASTA [Lipman and(More)
Repetitive conformations of poly(dehydroalanine) were studied using molecular mechanics. An exhaustive search of the conformational space was carried out on a delta Ala octapeptide model, using the AMBER force field and the delta Ala parameters of Alagona et al [26], under three dielectric conditions, epsilon = 1 (vacuum), epsilon = r and epsilon = 4r(More)
The amino acid sequence of the 27 kDa protein responsible for the haemolytic activity of Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. israelensis toxin has been analysed by secondary structure prediction, helical wheel/net diagrams and molecular mechanics calculations. We found that segment 116-126 presumably forms a strongly amphiphilic alpha-helix. This is supported by(More)
The polypeptide chain folding process appears to be a multi-stage phenomenon. The scientific community has recently devoted much attention to early stages of this process, with numerous attempts at simulating them--either experimentally or in silico. This paper presents a comparative analysis of the predicted and observed results of folding simulations. The(More)
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