Piotr Fabian

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The paper presents selected problems of visualizing animated sign language sentences in real time. The presented solution is a part of a system for translation of texts into the sign language. The animation and graphical techniques applied in the system are briefly presented, but the main problems discussed are: how to specify the sign language and how to(More)
The aim of this work is to present sentences of Polish sign language gestures in form of animated image of a virtual personage called an avatar. A textual notation for gesture specification is presented, as well as the translation procedure that generates kinematical data to drive the avatar. Finally the avatar animation issues are discussed. The sign(More)
The polypeptide chain folding process appears to be a multi-stage phenomenon. The scientific community has recently devoted much attention to early stages of this process, with numerous attempts at simulating them--either experimentally or in silico. This paper presents a comparative analysis of the predicted and observed results of folding simulations. The(More)
This paper describes a method of predicting the secondary structure of proteins, based on dictionaries of subsequences. These subsequences are derived from records available in the PDB database. Depending on the construction of the learning set, accuracies of up to 79% have been achieved. Dictionaries use hashing functions, which make them fast and capable(More)
Streszczenie. Tradycyjnym sposobem przenoszenia drukowanych dokumentów do pamięci komputera jest skanowanie. Szybszym sposobem jest użycie cyfrowego aparatu fotograficznego. Wtedy jednak obraz może zostać zniekształcony, a oświet-lenie może być nierównomierne, co utrudnia lub uniemożliwia dalsze przetwarzanie. Zaproponowana metoda automatycznej korekcji(More)
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