Piotr A. Baran

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A series of aryl-substituted enaminoketones and their thio analogues in CDCl(3) solution and in the solid state were studied by the use of high-resolution (1)H and (13)C as well as (13)C cross polarization magic angle spinning (CP MAS) NMR spectra in combination with gauge including atomic orbitals-density functional theory (GIAO-DFT) calculations performed(More)
We studied the detailed structure of the cryptic plasmid pIGWZ12, which was isolated from an Escherichia coli strain. pIGWZ12 is composed of two structural modules of distinct evolutionary origin. The REP module, which contains all the features necessary for replication and stable maintenance in the bacterial cell, was assigned by genotyping to the IncF(More)
benzothiazole dihydrochloride monohydrate (pramipexole hydrochloride, chemical formula in Figure 1) is a new dopaminergic agonist for the treatment of Parkinsonís disease. The drug has been registered as S enantiomer. It has been effective in early Parkinsonís disease as monotherapy and as adjunctive therapy with L-dopa in advanced stages of the disease.(More)
A series of aripiprazole (AR3) syntheses were performed at laboratory scale (10 mmol of the ARI substrate) in order to optimize the amount of another substrate AR2, as well as Na2CO3, ethanol and varying the reaction time. The reaction parameters were chosen according to the D-optimal plans. A high conversion ratio, about 90-99%, was obtained. Purity of(More)
The availability of catalytically active peptidylglycine α-amidating monooxygenase (PAM) should provide the means to examine its potential use for the chemienzymatic synthesis of bioactive peptides for the purpose of pharmacological studies. Hypoglycemic activity is one of the most important features of insulin derivatives. Insulin glargine amide was found(More)
The discovery of insulin led to a revolution in diabetes management. Since then, many improvements have been introduced to insulin preparations. The availability of molecular genetic techniques has enabled the creation of insulin analogs by changing the structure of the native protein in order to improve the therapeutic properties. A new expression vector(More)
Spin-spin carbon-carbon coupling constants across one, two and three bonds, J(CC), have been measured for a series of aryl-substituted Z-s-Z-s-E enaminoketones and their thio analogues. As a result, a large set, altogether 178, of J(CC)s has been obtained. It consists of 82 couplings across one bond, 31 couplings across two bonds and 65 couplings across(More)
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