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Comparable corpora have been shown to be useful in several multilingual natural language processing (NLP) tasks. Many previous papers have focused on how to improve the extraction of parallel data from this kind of corpus on different levels. In this paper, we are interested in improving the quality of bilingual comparable corpora according to increased(More)
FaDA 1 is a free/open-source tool for aligning multilingual documents. It employs a novel crosslingual information retrieval (CLIR)-based document-alignment algorithm involving the distances between embedded word vectors in combination with the word overlap between the source-language and the target-language documents. In this approach, we initially(More)
This paper presents the experiments carried out at Jadavpur University as part of the participation in the Forum for Information Retrieval Evaluation (FIRE) 2012 in ad-hoc mono-lingual information retrieval task for Bengali Hindi and English languages. The experiments carried out by us for FIRE 2012 are based on query expansion and entropy based ranking.(More)
In this paper we study the impact of using images to machine-translate user-generated e-commerce product listings. We study how a multi-modal Neural Machine Translation (NMT) model compares to two text-only approaches: a conventional state-of-the-art atten-tional NMT and a Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) model. User-generated product listings often do(More)
The aim of this paper is to critically examine the tests used to distinguish arguments from adjuncts in Functional Generative Description (Sgall et al., 1986) and to question the general usefulness of this distinction. In particular, we demonstrate that neither of the two tests used in FGD to distinguish inner participants from free adverbials (i.e. tests(More)
Computer aided simulation is an integral part of science and engineering technology. Simulation provides verification of the basic theory, understanding the basic principles, greater attention to the theoretical limitations, and application of logical analysis to solve real-world problems. The objective of this paper is to discuss simulation software(More)