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A Voronoi diagram is an interdisciplinary concept that has been applied to many fields. In geographic information systems (GIS), existing capabilities for generating Voronoi diagrams normally focus on ordinary (not weighted) point (not linear or area) features. For better integration of Voronoi diagram models and GIS, a raster-based approach is developed,(More)
Many moving objects exist in the air, on the ground, or in the ocean. A single trajectory is the time-stamped path of a moving object through space over time. Given a set of trajectories, we propose a new spatio-temporal pattern named Herd. Figure: Trajectories and Herds We have six trajectories (O 1 , O 2 , .., O 6) over two time snapshots. Suppose we have(More)
Spatial scale plays an important role in many fields. As a scale-dependent measure for spatial heterogeneity, lacunarity describes the distribution of gaps within a set at multiple scales. In Earth science, environmental science, and ecology, lacunarity has been increasingly used for multiscale modeling of spatial patterns. This paper presents the(More)
The spatial distribution of population is closely related to land use and land cover (LULC) patterns on both regional and global scales. Population can be redistributed onto geo-referenced square grids according to this relation. In the past decades, various approaches to monitoring LULC using remote sensing and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) have(More)
Forests are one of the most important sinks for carbon. Estimating the amount of carbon stored in forests is a major task for understanding the global carbon cycle. From local to global scales, remote sensing has been extensively used for forest biomass estimation. With the availability of multisensor image data, fusion has become a valuable method in(More)
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