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An advanced model-based control technique for regulating the blood glucose for patients with Type 1 diabetes is presented. The optimal insulin delivery rate is obtained off-line as an explicit function of the current blood glucose concentration of the patient by using novel parametric programming algorithms, developed at Imperial College London. The(More)
For people with type 1 diabetes, automatic controllers aim to maintain the blood glucose concentration within the desired range of 60-120 mg/dL by infusing the appropriate amount of insulin in the presence of meal and exercise disturbances. Blood glucose concentration outside the desired range can be harmful to an individual's health but concentration below(More)
This work presents a compartmental model for delivery of drugs under anesthesia and an advanced model based control algorithm for insulin delivery for Type 1 diabetes. The model for anesthesia involves choice of three drugs isoflurane, dopamine and sodium nitroprusside, which allows simultaneous regulation of mean arterial pressure and unconsciousness of(More)
This article presents model predictive controllers (MPCs) and multi-parametric model-based controllers for delivery of anaesthetic agents. The MPC can take into account constraints on drug delivery rates and state of the patient but requires solving an optimization problem at regular time intervals. The multi-parametric controller has all the advantages of(More)
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