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This paper describes how photocatalytically active films of TiO 2, grown by thermal CVD, may be functionally and structurally modified by deposition of nanostructured silver via a novel flame assisted CVD process. The resulting composite films are shown to be highly durable, highly photocatalytically active and are also shown to possess strong antibacterial(More)
The Global TB Drug Facility (GDF) is a new initiative to increase access to high quality tuberculosis drugs. The GDF, a project of the Global Partnership to Stop TB, is managed by its secretariat, in the World Health Organization (WHO), Geneva. It aims to provide tuberculosis drugs to treat up to 11.6 million patients over the next 5 years and to assist(More)
Island arc lavas have radium-226 excesses that extend to higher values than those observed in mid-ocean ridge or ocean island basalts. The initial ratio of radium-226 to thorium-230 is largest in the most primitive lavas, which also have the highest barium/thorium ratios, and decreases with increasing magmatic differentiation. Therefore, the radium-226(More)
We present the Micro-channel X-ray Telescope (MXT), a new narrow-field (about 1 •) telescope that will be flying on the Sino-French SVOM mission dedicated to Gamma-Ray Burst science, scheduled for launch in 2021. MXT is based on square micro pore optics (MPOs), coupled with a low noise CCD. The optics are based on a " Lobster Eye " design, while the CCD is(More)
  • Richard M Iu, Fairbanks, +30 authors R Wright
  • 2013
Our Vision Healthy, safe, and drug-free environments that nurture and assist all Indiana citizens to thrive. Our Mission To reduce substance use and abuse across the lifespan of Indiana citizens. This document, written for state policymakers and community leaders, presents data and analyses to support the development of a framework for advancing the mission(More)
The Advanced Photon Source (APS) operates with a timing structure advantageous for ultrafast dynamics experiments and, as a result, X-ray time-resolved studies on the 100-picosecond timescale have flourished. The standard operating mode, 24-bunch mode, runs 6S% of the time and a hybrid singlet mode runs lS% of the time, yielding a total of 80% of beamtime(More)
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