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Logging is a common programming practice of practical importance to collect system runtime information for postmortem analysis. Strategic logging placement is desired to cover necessary runtime information without incurring unintended consequences (<i>e.g.</i>, performance overhead, trivial logs). However, in current practice, there is a lack of rigorous(More)
Web service recommendation is of great importance when users face a large number of functionally-equivalent candidate services. To recommend Web services that best fit a user's need, QoS values which characterize the non-functional properties of those candidate services are in demand. But in reality, the QoS information of Web service is not easy to obtain,(More)
Service-based cloud applications are typically built on component services to fulfill certain application logic. To meet quality-of-service (QoS) guarantees, these applications have to become resilient against the QoS variations of their component services. Runtime service adaptation has been recognized as a key solution to achieve this goal. To make timely(More)
QoS-based Web service recommendation has recently gained much attention for providing a promising way to help users find high-quality services. To facilitate such recommendations, existing studies suggest the use of collaborative filtering techniques for personalized QoS prediction. These approaches, by leveraging partially observed QoS values from users,(More)
User review analysis is critical to the bug-fixing and version-modification process for app developers. Many research efforts have been put to user review mining in discovering app issues, including laggy user interface, high memory overhead, privacy leakage, etc. Existing exploration of app reviews generally depends on static collections. As a result, they(More)
Social information between users has been widely used to improve the traditional Recommender System in many previous works. However, in many websites such as Amazon and eBay, there is no explicit social graph that can be used to improve the recommendation performance. Hence in this work, in order to make it possible to employ social recommendation methods(More)
Logs, which record runtime information of modern systems, are widely utilized by developers (and operators) in system development and maintenance. Due to the ever-increasing size of logs, data mining models are often adopted to help developers extract system behavior information. However, before feeding logs into data mining models, logs need to be parsed(More)
Anomaly detection plays an important role in management of modern large-scale distributed systems. Logs, which record system runtime information, are widely used for anomaly detection. Traditionally, developers (or operators) often inspect the logs manually with keyword search and rule matching. The increasing scale and complexity of modern systems,(More)
To improve software reliability, software defect prediction is utilized to assist developers in finding potential bugs and allocating their testing efforts. Traditional defect prediction studies mainly focus on designing hand-crafted features, which are input into machine learning classifiers to identify defective code. However, these hand-crafted features(More)
—With the rapid growth of population of service-oriented architecture (SOA), services are playing an important role in software development process. One major issue we should consider about Web services is to dig out the one with the best QoS value among all functionally-equivalent candidates. However, since there are a great number of missing QoS values in(More)