Pinij Faramnuayphol

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This study evaluates the collection and flow of mortality and cause-of-death (COD) data in Thailand, identifying areas of weakness and presenting potential approaches to improve these statistics. Methods include systems analysis, literature review, and the application of the Health Metrics Network (HMN) self-assessment tool by key stakeholders. We(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine geographical variation of mortality in Thailand. MATERIAL AND METHOD Descriptive ecological study using the national vital registration data in 2000, age-specific mortality rate and cause-specific standardized mortality ratio (SMR) were presented at district geographic level. RESULTS Overall mortality was highly concentrated in the(More)
BACKGROUND Age- and sex- standardized mortality rate of cardiovascular disease (CVD) was high in Bangkok and central Thailand in the year 2000. This may partially be related to differences in risk factors. OBJECTIVE To compare prevalence of CVD risk factors among regions in Thailand in the same period. MATERIAL AND METHOD From a survey in 2000(More)
The concept of the Benchmarks of Fairness was tried in Thailand before the big reform of universal coverage policy in 2001. The first phase of the Benchmarks in 1999 involved the analysis of the national health reform proposal as well as the analysis of ongoing field trials of health reforms in two provinces. Though the participants were predominately(More)
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