Pinhong Wu

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For a biped pole-climbing robot (BiPCR) with dual grippers to climb poles, trusses or trees, a feasible collision-free climbing path is inevitable. In this paper, we utilize the sampling-based algorithm, Bi-RRT, to plan a feasible single-step collision-free climbing motion for BiPCRs in spatial trusses. Under the orientation limit of a 5-DoFs BiPCR, a new(More)
Maintenance tasks with a robotic system on power transmission lines are challenging and still open. Taking adjustment of vibration dampers on transmission lines as a typical task, we in this paper address how to effectively fulfill screwing manipulation with a 5-DoF manipulator on a vehicle capable of moving along the lines. To reduce the restriction on(More)
Human-machine interaction has been being an important issue in robotics, of which master-slave control is an effective measure to control robotic execution with human's intelligence. With fixed mechanical structure and degrees of freedom, conventional master robots lack of flexibility and adaption to a variety of slave robots with different configurations,(More)
Junction surface plays an important role in the performance of a modular robot in terms of positioning error and system stiffness. In this paper, junction surfaces of robotic modules are modeled and analyzed based on virtual medium. The asperity of a junction surface is first made equivalent to an isotropic virtual medium layer, and the thick surface(More)
Developed with traditional method, most of the current existing master robots lack of sufficient flexibility and high adaptability to the slave robots, since their structure and degrees of freedom cannot be modified according to those of the slaves. To overcome these shortcomings with the existing master robots, we propose a novel master robot developed(More)
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