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This paper analyzes the example of a belt conveyor on coal harbor, and adopts the newly popular Simulink simulation software based Matlab language. This software provides a new solution for system simulation technology, and not only improves the efficiency of computer programming, but greatly enhances programming equality and reliability. The jointly(More)
The main function of vehicle turning mechanism is to realize the ideal relations of turn angle of the internal and external wheels when vehicles turning. At present the main methods on design computing and verifying turning mechanism have still been the planar graphing and analysis method, thus the design cycle is long and the computation precision is low,(More)
For a long time the design of internal combustion engine is commonly used trial and error method. By traditional design methods the design results will only be feasible option meeting the design requirements, but not be the optimal solution. Therefore it is of great significance to design the operating parameters of vehicle engine by design optimization(More)
In view of the design sample of crank-rocker linkage, considering the uncertainty of the design variable value and load-bearing capacity, and satisfying the Grashof condition and the transmission performances, the fuzzy optimization mathematic model is established to minimize the deviation between the desired and the calculated path law of motion. The(More)
Because of the complexity of internal flow characteristics of centrifugal fan, a set of wholly mature design methods of impeller theory do not exist at the present time. The paper tries to investigate and analyze the internal relations between a large number of existing aerodynamic sketches and performance parameters of centrifugal fans by means of(More)
Operations research is an applied science, and is widely used in current scientific knowledge and mathematical methods to solve practical problems in modern management and provided the best quantitative basis for decision-makers. Optimization toolbox extends the capability of the Matlab numeric computing environment. The toolbox includes routines for many(More)
Journal of Digital Information Management Volume 9 Number 6 December 2011 ABSTRACT: In order to control reasonably the acceleration and dynamic tension in full-load starting process of conveyor system, accurate design techniques should be adopted. This paper selects the viscoelasticity model suiting to the belt by comparing dynamic performance of some kinds(More)
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