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Mathematics and art converge in the fractal forms that also abound in nature. We used molecular self-assembly to create a synthetic, nanometer-scale, Sierpinski hexagonal gasket. This nondendritic, perfectly self-similar fractal macromolecule is composed of bis-terpyridine building blocks that are bound together by coordination to 36 Ru and 6 Fe ions to(More)
Dielectric spectroscopy (DS) is an important technique for scientific and technological investigations in various areas. DS sensitivity and operating frequency ranges are critical for many applications, including lab-on-chip development where sample volumes are small with a wide range of dynamic processes to probe. In this work, we present the design and(More)
This paper presents a highly reconfigurable, low-power, and compact directional coupler. The coupler uses varactors and novel active inductors to achieve wide tuning ranges of operating frequencies and coupling coefficients. The use of a low-pass circuit architecture with only two inductors minimizes chip area, power consumption, and noise. The coupler is(More)
BACKGROUND The atrial intramyocardial lipomas are rare benign unusual tumors of the heart. The indication and best form of treatment for cardiac lipomas remain controversial. CASE PRESENTATION The atrial intramyocardial lipomas are rare benign unusual tumors of the heart. We report a 55-year-old Chinese female with a history of hypertension.(More)
Novel techniques that enable reagent free detection and analysis of single cells are of great interest for the development of biological and medical sciences, as well as point-of-care health service technologies. Highly sensitive and broadband RF sensors are promising candidates for such a technique. In this work, we present a highly sensitive and tunable(More)