Pingping Zheng

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A new generalized nonlinear variational-like inequality is introduced and studied. By applying the auxiliary principle technique and KKM theory, we construct a new iterative algorithm for solving the generalized nonlinear variational-like inequality. By means of the Banach fixed-point theorem, we establish the existence and uniqueness of solution for the(More)
An environmental-friendly, sustainable, pollution-free, biodegradable, flexible and wearable electronic device hold advanced potential applications. Here, an organic resistive switching memory device with Ag/Leaves/Ti/PET structure on a flexible polyethylene terephthalate (PET) substrate was fabricated for the first time. We observed an obvious resistive(More)
The aim of this paper is to study the solvability of a class of generalized mixed nonlinear variational-like inequalities in Hilbert spaces. Using the auxiliary principle technique, the Banach fixed-point theorem and an inequality due to Chang and Xiang, we construct two iterative algorithms for finding approximate solutions of the generalized mixed(More)
In this paper, a new class of general nonlinear variational inclusions involving H-monotone is introduced and studied in Hilbert spaces. By applying the resolvent operator associated with H-monotone, we prove the existence and uniqueness theorems of solution for the general nonlinear variational inclusion, construct an iterative algorithm for computing(More)
Characteristic and development situation of solar heat pump system are reviewed in this paper. It becomes an efficient and energy-saving heating system that combine the series non-direct expansion solar heat pump with floor radiant heating system together. The operation principle of solar heat pump-floor radiant heating system are described detailed. With(More)
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