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The incidence of Clostridium difficile infection has increased in Western world in the past 10 years, similar infection rates are also reported in developing countries such as China. Current antibiotics treatments have recurrence rates between 15% and 30%. IgY antibodies against toxin A of C. difficile could protect animal models from the challenge of(More)
A bifunctional RGDTAT peptide-modified PEG-PAMAM dendrimer conjugate RGDTAT-PEG-PAMAM (RTPP) was established for the targeted treatment of αvβ3-overexpressing tumor cells. The RGDTAT peptide was synthesized and attached to PAMAM using PEG to construct the RTPP conjugate. The methotrexate (MTX) encapsulated RTPPM complex was prepared and characterized by(More)
This study investigated the use of a newly developed chitosan-Ca pectinate microbead formulation for the colon-targeted delivery of anti-A/B toxin immunoglobulin of egg yolk (IgY) to inhibit toxin binding to colon mucosa cells. The effect of the three components (pectinate, calcium chloride, and chitosan) used for the microbead production was examined with(More)
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