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Key roles for MED1 LxxLL motifs in pubertal mammary gland development and luminal-cell differentiation
Mediator recently has emerged as a central player in the direct transduction of signals from transcription factors to the general transcriptional machinery. In the case of nuclear receptors, in vitroExpand
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Arginine and Glutamate-rich 1 (ARGLU1) Interacts with Mediator Subunit 1 (MED1) and Is Required for Estrogen Receptor-mediated Gene Transcription and Breast Cancer Cell Growth*
Estrogen receptor is a nuclear receptor superfamily member of transcriptional activators that regulate gene expression by recruiting diverese transcriptional coregulators. The Mediator complex is aExpand
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Enhancing CCL28 expression through the gene transfer to salivary glands for controlling cariogenic microbe.
The chemokine CCL28 participates in direct antimicrobial activities as well as homing of certain types of lymphocytes. The present study was conducted to harness these properties of the chemokine forExpand
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