Pingpeng Yuan

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The volume of RDF data continues to grow over the past decade and many known RDF datasets have billions of triples. A grant challenge of managing this huge RDF data is how to access this big RDF data efficiently. A popular approach to addressing the problem is to build a full set of permutations of (S, P, O) indexes. Although this approach has shown to(More)
Large scale graph processing represents an interesting challenge due to the lack of locality. This paper presents PathGraph for improving iterative graph computation on graphs with billions of edges. Our system design has three unique features: First, we model a large graph using a collection of tree-based partitions and use an path-centric computation(More)
The flexibility of the RDF data model has attracted an increasing number of organizations to store their data in an RDF format. With the rapid growth of RDF datasets, we envision that it is inevitable to deploy a cluster of computing nodes to process large-scale RDF data in order to deliver desirable query performance. In this paper, we address the(More)
The emerging need for conducting complex analysis over big RDF datasets calls for scale-out solutions that can harness a computing cluster to process big RDF datasets. Queries over RDF data often involve complex self-joins, which would be very expensive to run if the data are not carefully partitioned across the cluster and hence distributed joins over(More)
Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Sets (IT2 FSs) has been used in wide range of applications, such as decision making, pattern recognitions. However, there is little investigation on the clustering techniques of IT2 FSs, since it is very important for measuring the degree of similarity between interval type-2 fuzzy sets in clustering research. In this paper, we give a(More)
Virtualization as a powerful and convenient technique has been widely used recently. Inserting the VMM between the hardware and operation system enables multiple virtual machines simultaneously running on hardware. However, these changes in system architecture, while improving the whole physical computing resources' utilization, also pay a certain price for(More)
In order to explore RDF data in decision-making, there is an increasing demand for online analytical processing of such data. Since RDF data model is a graph model and highly flexible, it poses some challenges for analytical tasks. Although many systems have been developed to store RDF data, few of them can perform analytical tasks due to many reasons.(More)
Server consolidation, an application form of virtualization technology, consolidates multiple physical servers into a single or fewer real machines. It results in higher resource utilization and smaller space consumption and is considered as a tendency for enterprise application deployment. Some researches were carried for evaluating its static performance.(More)