Pingnan Shi

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This paper presents new results pertaining to the delay-dependent stability and control synthesis of a class of linear switched continuous-time systems with time-varying delays. A new state transformation is introduced to exhibit the delaydependent dynamics in the slow-time scale. For stability, we construct an appropriate selective Lyapunov functional to(More)
A dedicated neural network model called OSNet which finds the kth largest element in an array of real numbers is proposed. Its overall processing time is constant irrespective of the number of elements in the array and is four times the processing time of a single neuron. Networks of this kind may be used as building blocks for hardware implementation of(More)
An On-line Runtime Database Service System based on client/server model via TCP/IP has been introduced to BEPC. It provides various services such as data stores, queries, statistics, analysis and reports. The kernel of the system is an on-line SQL Server database. Users such as specialists, machine operators and managers can get data and charts from any(More)
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