Pingguang Xu

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Knowledge of and control over the curvature of ripples in freestanding graphene are desirable for fabricating and designing flexible electronic devices, and recent progress in these pursuits has been achieved using several advanced techniques such as scanning tunnelling microscopy. The electrostatic forces induced through a bias voltage (or gate voltage)(More)
Intrinsic ripples in freestanding graphene have been exceedingly difficult to study. Individual ripple geometry was recently imaged using scanning tunnelling microscopy, but these measurements are limited to static configurations. Thermally-activated flexural phonon modes should generate dynamic changes in curvature. Here we show how to track the vertical(More)
Pulsed neutron beams available at the ISIS spallation source offer diverse possibilities for materials characterization using diffraction and imaging. In this paper we review a range of applications of the time-of-flight neutron diffraction for the characterization of phase transformations and residual stress states in industrially-relevant situations. The(More)
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