Pingan Wang

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Histidine triad nucleotide binding protein (HINT1) belongs to a histidine triad (HIT) superfamily, which contains a highly conserved His-X-His-X-His-XX motif (X is a hydrophobic amino acid) and plays an important role in many biological processes. In this study, we have isolated the full-length cDNA of an HINT1 homologue from maize (Zea mays L.), designated(More)
The production of IFN- I (IFN-α/β) is one of the earliest and most important host-protective responses. Interferon regulatory factor 3 (IRF3) is a critical transcriptional factor in the IFN-β signaling pathway. Although significant progress has been achieved in the regulation of IRF3, the process may be more complicated than previously considered. In the(More)
This paper describes an improved access to mono-6(A)-aminoethylamino-beta-CD (beta-CDen), a very efficient cationic chiral selector for CZE in the separation of eight chiral aromatic vicinal diols. The beta-CDen concentration has a strong influence on the efficiency of enantioseparation. The effects of the pH and concentration of the BGE, the capillary(More)
In order to help spinal cord injury (SCI) patients to walk again, a medical robot exoskeleton have been developed to assist these patients to walk independently in SIAT, Shenzhen. The robot has an under-drive control structure. The wearer can maintain balance and shift his (her) body weight with the aid of a pair of crutches. On this robot we have(More)
This paper introduces a novel approach to predict human motion for the Non-binding Lower Extremity Exoskeleton (NBLEX). Most of the exoskeletons must be attached to the pilot, which exists potential security problems. In order to solve these problems, the NBLEX is studied and designed to free pilots from the exoskeletons. Rather than applying(More)
Multiplication of a point is the main operation in elliptic curves cryptography system. It is well-known this operation be expensive in time-consuming. we try to improve the computing efficiency of multiple point which will increase the efficiency of elliptic curves cryptograph. In order to reach this goal, on the basis of addition-subtraction method, we(More)
This paper presents a novel device that can be attached to a lower-limb exoskeleton to assist lower extremity hemiplegic patients during sitting down and standing up. Such device serves as a self-adaptive exoskeleton chair. The mechanical design has simple structure, great applicability, reliability and high driving efficiency. This paper first models and(More)
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