PingGen Cai

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Among individual cells of the same source and type, the complex shear modulus G(∗) exhibits a large log-normal distribution that is the result of spatial, temporal, and intrinsic variations. Such large distributions complicate the statistical evaluation of pharmacological treatments and the comparison of different cell states. However, little is known about(More)
A one-step graphene patterning method is developed in this paper. A phase shifting mask is used to modulate incident laser beam spatially and generate graphene patterns by laser heating. Periodic graphene nanoribbon and nanomesh structures are fabricated by employing 1D and 2D phase shifting masks, respectively. The noncontact, simple procedure, easy(More)
To sort living cells according to our needs, it is important to understand how degree cell property measured for cell sorting fluctuates in time. Mechanical property of cells is one of essential indicators for cell sorting. Thus, in this study, we attempted to measure a time evolution of viscoelastic property such as complex shear modulus, G* of single(More)
Changes in the cytoskeletal organization within cells can be characterized by large spatial and temporal variations in rheological properties of the cell (e.g., the complex shear modulus G∗). Although the ensemble variation in G∗ of single cells has been elucidated, the detailed temporal variation of G∗ remains unknown. In this study, we investigated how(More)
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