Ping-jian Li

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The single-crystal n-type and p-type ZnO nanowires (NWs) were synthesized via a chemical vapor deposition method, where phosphorus pentoxide was used as the dopant source. The electrical and photoluminescence studies reveal that phosphorus-doped ZnO NWs (ZnO:P NWs) can be changed from n-type to p-type with increasing P concentration. Furthermore, we report(More)
For the first time, large-area CVD-grown graphene films transferred onto flexible PET substrates were used as transparent conductive electrodes in alternating current electroluminescence (ACEL) devices. The flexible ACEL device based on a single-layer graphene electrode has a turn-on voltage of 80 V; at 480 V (16 kHz), the luminance and luminous efficiency(More)
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