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Evaluating a coupled discrete wavelet transform and support vector regression for daily and monthly streamflow forecasting
Summary This study investigated the performance and potential of a hybrid model that combined the discrete wavelet transform and support vector regression (the DWT–SVR model) for daily and monthlyExpand
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Defining the Domain Arrangement of the Mammalian Target of Rapamycin Complex Component Rictor Protein
We found that, like Raptor, Rictor also has HEAT and WD40 domains, which could be the common motif binding to mTORC. Expand
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Motor unit action potential number estimation in the surface electromyogram: wavelet matching method and its performance boundary
  • Ping Zhou, W. Rymer
  • Mathematics
  • First International IEEE EMBS Conference on…
  • 20 March 2003
We evaluate ways to estimate the number of MUAPs present in standard surface EMG records, using wavelet based matching techniques to identify MUAP occurrences. Expand
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Systematics and Population Genetics of Sphagnum Macrophyllum and S. Cribrosum (Sphagnaceae)
Abstract To clarify long-standing disagreements about the taxonomic and phylogenetic status of Sphagnum macrophyllum and S. cribrosum, twenty-five samples of S. macrophyllum and twenty-four of S.Expand
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China ranks second in scientific publications since 2006
With the fast development of its economy, China plays an increasingly important role in the world. China's performance in science is also impressive. The exponential growth of Chinese scientificExpand
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Horseshoe in the hyperchaotic Mck Circuit
The well-known Matsumoto–Chua–Kobayashi (MCK) circuit is of significance for studying hyperchaos, since it was the first experimental observation of hyper chaos from a real physical system. Expand
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Hybrid Projective Synchronization for Two Identical Fractional-Order Chaotic Systems
A hybrid projective synchronization scheme for two identical fractional-order chaotic systems is proposed in this paper. Based on the stability theory of fractional-order systems, a controller forExpand
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An Approach for Item Recommendation Using Deep Neural Network Combined with the Bayesian Personalized Ranking
This paper proposes a deep neural network model (SDAE-BPR) based on Stack Denoising Auto-Encoder and Bayesian Personalized Ranking for the problem of accurate product recommendation. Expand
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A proof theory for asynchronously communicating real-time systems
  • Ping Zhou, J. Hooman
  • Computer Science
  • [] Proceedings Real-Time Systems Symposium
  • 2 December 1992
A compositional proof system is presented to axiomatize the real-time behavior of asynchronously communicating processes. Expand
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CoolMPS™: Advanced massively parallel sequencing using antibodies specific to each natural nucleobase
Massively parallel sequencing (MPS) on DNA nanoarrays provides billions of reads at relatively low cost and enables a multitude of genomic applications. Further improvement in read length, sequenceExpand
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