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Sarcopenia, a newly recognized geriatric syndrome, is characterized by age-related decline of skeletal muscle plus low muscle strength and/or physical performance. Previous studies have confirmed the association of sarcopenia and adverse health outcomes, such as falls, disability, hospital admission, long term care placement, poorer quality of life, and(More)
Dysfunction of vascular smooth muscle cells (VSMCs) performs a key role in the pathogenesis of diabetic vascular disease. Recent studies have reported that microRNA-24 (miR-24) may be implicated in diabetes and atherosclerotic vascular diseases. This study was designed to explore the role of miR-24 on VSMC proliferation and migration under high glucose(More)
The aim of this study is to investigate whether metastasis-associated lung adenocarcinoma transcript 1 (MALAT-1) can be used as a potential therapy target for human esophageal squamous cell carcinoma. MALAT-1 expression levels were detected in 137 paired EC samples and adjacent nonneoplastic tissues. Human esophageal carcinoma cell lines EC9706 and KYSE150(More)
Oxidative stress and trace elements have been implicated in the development of breast cancer. However, how they contribute to the pathogenesis of the disease and the relationship between them remain unclear. In addition, most previous studies detecting one or a few oxidant/antioxidant markers failed to consider the overall oxidant/antioxidant status of the(More)
BACKGROUND As one of the leading causes of death around the world, suicide is a global public health threat. Due to the paucity of systematic studies, there exist vast variations in suicide ideation, attempts and suicide rates between various regions of Chinese aging communities. OBJECTIVES Our systematic study aims to (1) identify studies describing the(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore use of interleukin-10 receptor (IL-10R) gene mutation in diagnosis and pathogenesis of neonatal inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) in 2 suspected cases. METHOD Two cases of sibling brothers who had suspected IBD from Guangzhou Women and Children's Medical Center Affiliated to Guangzhou Medical University during the year 2010-2014 were(More)
Phthalic acid esters (PAEs) contamination in water, air, and soil is one of the major environmental concerns in many countries. Besides the PAE biodegradation process, the PAE degrading bacteria have become one of the focuses of study. This study reports the successful isolation of one kind of indigenous bacterium PA-02 from phthalic acid (PA)-degrading(More)
Toxoplasmosis is an important parasitic zoonosis caused by the protozoan Toxoplasma gondii that is distributed world-wide and infects a variety of hosts. However, the prevalence of T. gondii in the environment (such as soil, water and food) is largely unknown. Due to the technical difficulty in oocyst counting directly, an alternative assay using the(More)
Vitamin D receptor (VDR) BsmI gene polymorphism has been reported to be strongly associated with osteoporosis risk in some studies. However, the results from those studies are still conflicting. We performed a meta-analysis of studies relating the VDR BsmI gene polymorphism to the risk of osteoporosis. The search was performed in the databases of PubMed,(More)
A slot antenna attached to metal containers for a passive RFID (radio frequency identification) tag is presented in this paper. The proposed slot antenna is designed by introducing slots on the metallic plate as a tag. In order to transmit the power effectively, we should design and make the impedance of the antenna to conjugate the impedance of the chip.(More)