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In this paper a methodology is put forward to create an Internet-based infrastructure to service and maintain RP-oriented tele-manufacturing. The WWW-based Java-enabled Internet computing model is used for implementing remote part submitting, queuing, monitoring, and managing. Control of different access competences allows manufacturing sites and queues to(More)
Collaborative Product Development (CPD) is an advanced paradigm for product development, which focuses on facilitating the business collaboration across organizational boundaries. The process of CPD is highly dynamic, and needs to be implemented jointly by participant organizations. Firstly, this paper analyzes some traditional workflow modeling methods,(More)
Multidisciplinary Design Optimization (MDO) is increasingly adopted in engineering design currently, especially for complex engineering systems, however, the computation complexity and organization complexity are the two main obstacles in applying MDO. In order to degrade the computation complexity and organization complexity of MDO problem, in this paper,(More)
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