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he ocean is changing vigorously on a wide range of time and space scales. This variability leads to substantial problems in observing and mod-eling (simulating) the rapidly changing flow field, the ocean's temperature distribution, and more generally the consequences of those changes on a wide variety of scientific, military, and societal problems,(More)
A multivariate data matrix containing a number of missing values was obtained from a study on the changes in colour and phenolic composition during the ageing of port. Two approaches were taken in the analysis of the data. The first in-Ž. Ž. volved the use of multiple imputation MI followed by principal components analysis PCA. The second examined the use(More)
Due to the limited diffusion length of carriers in polymer solar cells (PSCs), the path of carriers is a crucial factor that determines the device performance. Zinc oxide nanorods (NRs) as the electron transport channel can reduce electron-hole recombination and transport the electron to the electrode efficiently for poly(3-hexylthiophene) (P3HT), but have(More)
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