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Previous works have shown that the ear is a promising candidate for biometric identification. However, in prior work, the preprocessing of ear images has had manual steps and algorithms have not necessarily handled problems caused by hair and earrings. We present a complete system for ear biometrics, including automated segmentation of the ear in a profile(More)
BACKGROUND Most patients with type 2 diabetes begin pharmacotherapy with metformin, but eventually need additional treatment. We assessed the safety and efficacy of once weekly exenatide, a glucagon-like peptide 1 receptor agonist, versus maximum approved doses of the dipeptidyl peptidase-4 inhibitor, sitagliptin, or the thiazolidinedione, pioglitazone, in(More)
In a biometrics scenario, gallery images are enrolled into the database ahead of the matching step, which gives us the opportunity to build related data structures before the probe shape is examined. In this paper, we present a novel approach, called " Pre-computed Voxel Nearest Neighbor " , to reduce the computational time for shape matching in a(More)
Previous works have shown that the ear is a good candidate for a human biometric. However, in prior work, the pre-processing of ear images has been a manual process. Also, prior algorithms were sensitive to noise in the data, especially that caused by hair and earrings. We present a novel solution to the automated cropping of the ear and implement it in an(More)
Basal dendrites of neocortical pyramidal neurons are relatively short and directly attached to the cell body. This allows electrical signals arising in basal dendrites to strongly influence the neuronal output. Likewise, somatic action potentials (APs) should readily propagate back into the basilar dendritic tree to influence synaptic plasticity. Two recent(More)
Data concerning the effects of phthalate exposure on preterm delivery and fetal growth are limited in humans. In this paper, we assessed the relationship between 15 phthalate levels in cord blood and preterm delivery and fetal growth parameters in 207 Chinese women going into labor. Exposure to phthalates except DCHP was associated with gestational age(More)
Due to its semi-rigid shape and robustness against change over time, the ear has become an increasingly popular biometric feature. It has been shown that combining individual biometric methods into multi-biometric systems improves recognition. What features should be used, how they should be captured, what algorithms should be used, and how they should be(More)