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Quercetin and rutin reduced the bioavailability of cyclosporine from Neoral, an immunosuppressant, through activating P-glycoprotein and CYP 3A4.
Transplant patients treated with Neoral should avoid concurrent consumption of quercetin or rutin to minimize the risk of allograft rejection and decrease the bioavailability of CSP through activating P-gp and CYP3A. Expand
Rice microRNA osa-miR1848 targets the obtusifoliol 14α-demethylase gene OsCYP51G3 and mediates the biosynthesis of phytosterols and brassinosteroids during development and in response to stress.
It is proposed that osa-miR1848 regulates OsCYP51G3 expression posttranscriptionally, and mediates phytosterol and BR biosynthesis, which might have potential applications in rice breeding to modulate leaf angle, and the size and quality of seeds. Expand
Bioactive 30-Noroleanane Triterpenes from the Pericarps of Akebia trifoliata
Two new 30-noroleanane triterpenes were isolated from the pericarps of Akebia trifoliata and showed interesting in vitro growth inhibitory activity against human tumor A549 and HeLa cell lines, with IC50 values ranging from 8.8 and 5.6 μM, respectively. Expand
Cyclopeptides from Amanita exitialis
A new cyclic nonapeptide, amanexitide (1), along with the known cyclopeptides, α- and β-amanitins, was isolated from the fruiting bodies of Amanita exitialis, a newly described poisonous mushroomExpand
Primary amino acid sequence of α-trichosanthin and molecular models for abrin A-chain and α-trichosanthin
Abstract Ricin A-chain, abrin A-chain, and alpha-trichosanthin are members of a larger group of proteins called ribosome-inactivating proteins. These proteins all function to catalytically inactivateExpand
Polyphenols from longan seeds and their radical-scavenging activity
Abstract Five previously uncharacterised polyphenols, ethyl gallate (2), 1-β-O-galloyl- d -glucopyranose (3), methyl brevifolin carboxylate (4), brevifolin (5) and 4-O-α- l -rhamnopyranosyl-ellagicExpand
Free and glycosidically bound aroma compounds in pineapple (Ananas comosus L. Merr.)
Volatile compounds from bound fractions were released by β-glucosidase hydrolysis. By use of γ-valerolactone as internal standard, volatile components of free and bound fractions were determined byExpand
Bioactive Polycyclic Tetramate Macrolactams from Lysobacter enzymogenes and Their Absolute Configurations by Theoretical ECD Calculations.
The isolation and the absolute configurations of these compounds revealed new insights into the biosynthetic mechanism for formation of the polycycles, and exhibited cytotoxic activity against human carcinoma A549, HepG2, and MCF-7 cells. Expand
Penicillitone, a potent in vitro anti-inflammatory and cytotoxic rearranged sterol with an unusual tetracycle core produced by Penicillium purpurogenum.
A biogenetic pathway with oxidative cleavage and vinylogous aldol addition as key reactions is proposed for 1, which demonstrated potent inhibitory effects on tumor cell growth and key pro-inflammatory cytokine production in macrophages. Expand