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It is well established that EGFR signals from both the plasma membrane (PM) and endosome (EN). However, very little is known about whether and how the EGFR signals at the PM and EN to differentially regulate various signaling pathways and the physiological outcomes. In this communication, we established a system that allowed the specific activations of EGFR(More)
Induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) provide a reliable source for the study of regenerative medicine, drug discovery, and developmental biology. Despite extensive studies on the reprogramming of mouse and human fibroblasts into iPSCs, the efficiency of reprogramming is still low. Here, we used a bioinformatics and systems biology approach to study the(More)
Direct reprogramming using defined sets of transcription factors (TFs) is a recent strategy for generating induced hepatocytes (iHeps) from fibroblasts for use in regenerative medicine and drug development. Comprehensive studies detailing the regulatory role of TFs during this reprogramming process could help increase its efficiency. This study aimed to(More)
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