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Digital watermarks have previously been proposed for the purposes of copy protection and copy deterrence for multimedia content. In copy deterrence, a content owner (seller) inserts a unique watermark into a copy of the content before it is sold to a buyer. If the buyer sells unauthorized copies of the watermarked content, then these copies can be traced to(More)
We describe a watermarking scheme for ownership verification and authentication. Depending on the desire of the user, the watermark can be either visible or invisible. The scheme can detect any modification made to the image and indicate the specific locations that have been modified. If the correct key is specified in the watermark extraction procedure,(More)
—We examine the question of reconstruction of signals from periodic nonuniform samples. This involves discarding samples from a uniformly sampled signal in some periodic fashion. We give a characterization of the signals that can be reconstructed at exactly the minimum rate once a nonuniform sampling pattern has been fixed. We give an implicit(More)