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We detected aberrant Midkine (MK) expressions in human insulinoma and pancreatic cancer tissues by immunohistochemistry, revealing its potential role in tumorigenesis/carcinogenesis. With a nested-touchdown PCR program we were able to detect the tMK in all human tumor/cancer tissues and cancer/tumor cell lines. Detection of MK in the peripheral cells and(More)
Large-scale gene expression analyses were conducted during embryonic development of Capsella bursa-pastoris using the cDNA-AFLP technique, and 231 differentially expressed genes were identified. Most of the transcript-derived fragments (TDFs) were identified against Arabidopsis sequences and a minority against other plant sequences by searching in NCBI(More)
Midkine (MK) is a retinoic acid response cytokine, mostly expressed in embryonic tissues. Aberrant expression of MK was found in numerous cancers. In human, a truncated MK was expressed specifically in tumor/cancer tissues. Here we report the discovery of a novel truncated form of MK transiently expressed during normal mouse embryonic development. In(More)
Water transport across the cell membranes is regulated largely by a family of proteins known as aquaporins (AQPs). Plasma membrane intrinsic protein (PIP) is an important subfamily of plant AQPs localized on the plasma membrane. To investigate the molecular mechanism of water regulation in seed germination, seven genes encoding PIP were initially cloned and(More)
Brassinosteroids (BR) play important roles in plant growth and development. Although BR receptors have been intensively studied in Arabidopsis, the BR receptors in soybean remain largely unknown. Here, in addition to the known receptor gene Glyma06g15270 (GmBRI1a), we identified five putative BR receptor genes in the soybean genome: GmBRI1b, GmBRL1a,(More)
Small heat shock proteins (sHSPs) are crucial components of the plant response to heat shock. We identified and analyzed eight sHSP genes of Capsella bursa-pastoris to better understand the ability of this species to adapt. Eight genes were initially cloned and sequenced from the mature embryo cDNA pool. They belong to the cytosolic I (CI), cytosolic II(More)
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