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Chemoresistance is a serious limitation of cancer treatment. Until recently, almost all the work done to study this limitation has been restricted to tumour cells. Here we identify a novel molecular mechanism by which endothelial cells regulate chemosensitivity. We establish that specific targeting of focal adhesion kinase (FAK; also known as PTK2) in(More)
BACKGROUND p300 functions as a transcriptional co-activator to regulate many cellular responses such as cell growth, transformation, development and differentiation. It has been shown to affect the transcriptional activity of p53 which regulates p21(Waf1/CIP1) expression, however, the role of p300 in differentiation remains unclear. METHODOLOGY AND(More)
Several studies have explored the potential of targeting tumor angiogenesis in cancer treatment. Anti-angiogenesis monotherapy, which reduces blood vessel numbers, may still hold some promise in cancer treatment, but thus far it has only provided a modest effect on overall survival benefits. When combined with standard chemotherapies, some significant(More)
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