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Under various weaker conditions, we establish various results on the existence and nonexistence of positive solutions for singular third-order nonhomogeneous boundary value problems with nonlocal boundary conditions. The arguments are based upon the fixed point theorem of cone expansion and compression. Finally, we give two examples to demonstrate our(More)
Key-value stores (KVS) become critical in many applications because of the data explosion recently. There is a strong demand to improve the throughput and reduce the latency for KVS. FPGA-based parallel architecture can bring excellent performance and power efficiency. Cuckoo hashing has proven to be an efficient approach to implement KVS with good memory(More)
According to Coase theory, there exists a cost of allocating resources by administrative power, that is, organization cost. Based on the comparison of organization cost with transaction cost, Coase revealed why firms exist and also illustrated the change of firms’ scale. However, Coase and his followers failed to detail the organization cost and its(More)
The process of knowledge transfer in knowledge alliance is analyzed and studied in this paper systematically. Using dynamic game theory, dynamic game model of knowledge transfer between knowledge transfer and receiver is established, optimal strategies of both sides are found, and a perfect Bayesian equilibrium is achieved and some effective measures are(More)
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