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— At the time of a customer order, the e-tailer assigns the order to one or more of its order fulfillment centers, and/or to drop shippers, so as to minimize procurement and transportation costs, based on the available current information. However this assignment is necessarily myopic as it cannot account for all future events, such as subsequent customer(More)
The purpose of this multicenter longitudinal randomized controlled trial was to examine the efficacy of self-administered stress management training (SSMT) in improving quality of life and reducing psychological distress among patients receiving cancer chemotherapy. Participants were randomized to SSMT (n = 111) or usual psychosocial care only (n = 109).(More)
— In an e-retailing setting, the efficient utilization of inventory, storage space, and labor is paramount to achieving high levels of customer service and company profits. To optimize the storage space and labor, a retailer will split the warehouse into two storage regions with different densities. One region is for picking customer orders and the other to(More)
OBJECTIVE The number of people infected with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) in China has increased in recent years. HIV screening for pregnant women was performed in a remote area in Xinjiang, as an effort to promote universal HIV screening in pregnant women and to help prevention of mother-to-child transmission. METHODS Pregnant women in Burqin and(More)
This study sought to confirm the literature reports on psychological well-being during radiotherapy treatment using a population across multiple clinical sites, resulting in a larger population (N = 156) than has typically been followed in quality of life descriptive studies of radiotherapy, and a more varied one in terms of diagnosis. This study is unique(More)
We present three problems motivated by order fulfillment in online retailing. First, we focus on one warehouse or fulfillment center. To optimize the storage space and labor, an e-tailer splits the warehouse into two regions with different storage densities. One is for picking customer orders and the other to hold a reserve stock that replenishes the(More)
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