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— In an e-retailing setting, the efficient utilization of inventory, storage space, and labor is paramount to achieving high levels of customer service and company profits. To optimize the storage space and labor, a retailer will split the warehouse into two storage regions with different densities. One region is for picking customer orders and the other to(More)
This paper explains the influence of feng-shui models on the design of traditional Beijing courtyard houses from a historic-cultural perspective. Feng-shui principles, used to harmonize people with their environment and believed by traditional Chinese to ensure prosperity, structured the Beijing courtyard dwelling. Imitating the landforms of an ideal(More)
A new kind of high-quality Ag/PS coaxial nanocables can be facilely synthesized by using soft/hard templates method. In order to effectively introduce Ag sources into porous polystyrene (PS) nanotubes which were trapped in porous anodic aluminum oxide (AAO) hard template, Pluronic F127 (F127) was used as guiding agent, soft template and reductant.(More)
We present three problems motivated by order fulfillment in online retailing. First, we focus on one warehouse or fulfillment center. To optimize the storage space and labor, an e-tailer splits the warehouse into two regions with different storage densities. One is for picking customer orders and the other to hold a reserve stock that replenishes the(More)
— At the time of a customer order, the e-tailer assigns the order to one or more of its order fulfillment centers, and/or to drop shippers, so as to minimize procurement and transportation costs, based on the available current information. However this assignment is necessarily myopic as it cannot account for all future events, such as subsequent customer(More)
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