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— The detection of direct causality, as opposed to indirect causality, is an important and challenging problem in root cause and hazard propagation analysis. Several methods provide effective solutions to this problem when linear relationships between variables are involved. For nonlinear relationships, currently only overall causality analysis can be(More)
This paper adopts the HEBUT-2 mobile manipulator as the object of research, which is used for the leak detecting and repairing in the environment of dangerous chemical reactor. The kinematics model of HEBUT-2 mobile manipulator includes a 5 DOF (degree of freedom) manipulator and a 2 DOF mobile platform. The Denavit-Hartenberg method is used to analysis the(More)
This paper puts forward using CCD camera to recognize color path information and realize vision navigation, which simplifies the image feature abstraction and improves the robust and reliability of path recognition than gray image recognizing. Additional, in this paper, we design new fuzzy control strategy, when the curving extent of path satisfies definite(More)
In this paper the five dof manipulator has been established based on the kinetic model of manipulator, through the UG, will be built on solid modeling entity model simplified through good introduction to the ADAMS software ADAMS, establish the virtual prototype of manipulator, the dynamic simulation of the joint Angle and joint torque, angular velocity and(More)
This paper is concerned with the real-time controlling for the road construction machinery groups. Multi-agent system is capable to deal with the cooperation in dynamic and distributing environment, according to the characteristics of asphaltum-concrete road construction, the intelligent decision support system (IDSS) model based on multi-agent technology(More)
In this paper, we mainly research three aspects content, that is 1) The intelligent sensing system for chemical gas leak, which consists of three units. Many sensors are installed on the twelve different areas of easily leaking, if there are leak, will transmit the leaking area to the main computer of manipulator. 2) According to the 1)' information, a(More)