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The detection of direct causality, as opposed to indirect causality, is an important and challenging problem in root cause and hazard propagation analysis. Several methods provide effective solutions to this problem when linear relationships between variables are involved. For nonlinear relationships, currently only overall causality analysis can be(More)
soil erosion is one of the serious natural disasters in China. Soil erosion control is the main content of the comprehensive management of the river basin. Soil erosion in humid region is mainly caused by hydraulic erosion. In this paper, Shangri La County is taken as a study area; the 2014 Shangri La County soil erosion amount is calculated by modified(More)
Change in urban construction land use is an important factor when studying urban expansion. Many scholars have combined cellular automata (CA) with data mining algorithms to perform relevant simulation studies. However, the parameters for rule extraction are difficult to determine and the rules are simplex, and together, these factors tend to introduce(More)
Calcium Silicate Hydrate (C-S-H) is the main hydration product of Portland cement, it has an important impact on the properties of cement and causes a wide range of study. In recent years, superplasticizer, of which the main component is organic macromolecules, has become an important component in preparation for high performance concrete. Molecular(More)