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Zhengping Yu7
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SUMMARY In this paper, we propose a new localization algorithm and improve the DV-Hop algorithm by using a differential error correction scheme that is designed to reduce the location error accumulated over multiple hops. This scheme needs no additional hardware support and can be implemented in a distributed way. The proposed method can improve location(More)
Striatal cholinergic interneurons are tonically active neurons and respond to sensory stimuli by transiently suppressing firing that is associated with sensorimotor learning. The pause in tonic firing is dependent on dopaminergic activity; however, its cellular mechanisms remain unclear. Here, we report evidence that dopaminergic inhibition of(More)
Hippocampal injury-associated learning and memory deficits are frequent hallmarks of brain trauma and are the most enduring and devastating consequences following traumatic brain injury (TBI). Several reports, including our recent paper, showed that TBI brought on by a moderate level of controlled cortical impact (CCI) induces immature newborn neuron death(More)
Alcohol is known to affect glutamate transmission. However, how chronic alcohol affects the synaptic structure mediating glutamate transmission is unknown. Repeated alcohol exposure in a subject with familial alcoholic history often leads to alcohol addiction. The current study adopts alcohol-preferring rats, which are known to develop high drinking.(More)
Spiny neurons in the neostriatum die within 24 hr after transient global ischemia, whereas large aspiny (LA) neurons remain intact. To reveal the mechanisms of such selective cell death after ischemia, excitatory neurotransmission was studied in LA neurons before and after ischemia. The intrastriatally evoked fast EPSCs in LA neurons were depressed < or =24(More)
This paper targets the identification of outlying sensors (i.e., outlying-reading sensors) and the detection of the reach of events in sensor networks. Typical applications include the detection of the transportation front line of some vegetation or animal-cule's growth over a certain geographical region. We propose and analyze two novel algorithms for(More)
Pooling designs are used in DNA library screening to efficiently distinguish positive from negative clones, which is fundamental for studying gene functions and many other biological applications. One challenge is to design decoding algorithms for determining whether a clone is positive based on the test outcomes and a binary matrix representing the pools.(More)
Neuropathic pain is a common cause of pain after nerve injury, but its molecular basis is poorly understood. In a post-gene chip microarray effort to identify new target genes contributing to neuropathic pain development, we report here the characterization of a novel neuropathic pain contributor, thrombospondin-4 (TSP4), using a neuropathic pain model of(More)