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A workflow consists of a collection of coordinated tasks designed to carry out a well-defined complex process, such as catalog ordering , trip planning, or a business process in an enterprise. Scheduling of workflows is a problem of finding a correct execution sequence for the workflow tasks, i.e., execution that obeys the constraints that embody the(More)
Research on specification and scheduling of workflows has concentrated on temporal and causality constraints, which specify existence and order dependencies among tasks. However, another set of constraints that specify resource allocation is also equally important. The resources in a workflow environment are agents such as person, machine, software, etc.(More)
  • Asuman Dogac, Esin Gokkoca, Sena Arpinar, Pinar Koksal, Ibrahim Cingil, Budak Arpinar +4 others
  • 2003
Workkows are activities involving the coordinated execution of multiple tasks performed by diierent processing entities, mostly in distributed heterogeneous environments which are very common in enterprises of even moderate complexity. Centralized workkow systems fall short to meet the demands of such environments. This paper describes the design and(More)