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In this paper, we extend the use of page rank algorithm for next page prediction with several navigational attributes, which are size of the page, duration time of the page and duration of transition (two page visits sequentially), frequency of page and transition. In our model, we define popularity of transitions and pages by using duration information and(More)
A workflow is a collection of coordinated activities designed to carry out a well-defined complex process, such as trip planning, student registration, or a business process in a large enterprise. An activity in a workflow might be performed by a human, a device, or a program. Workflow management systems (or WfMS) provide a framework for capturing the(More)
A workflow consists of a collection of coordinated tasks designed to carry out a well-defined complex process, such as catalog ordering , trip planning, or a business process in an enterprise. Scheduling of workflows is a problem of finding a correct execution sequence for the workflow tasks, i.e., execution that obeys the constraints that embody the(More)
Research on specification and scheduling of workflows has concentrated on temporal and causality constraints, which specify existence and order dependencies among tasks. However, another set of constraints that specify resource allocation is also equally important. The resources in a workflow environment are agents such as person, machine, software, etc.(More)
Frequent Web navigation patterns generated by using Web usage mining techniques provide valuable information for several applications such as Web site restructuring and recommendation. In conventional Web usage mining, semantic information of the Web page content does not take part in the pattern generation process. In this work, we investigate the effect(More)
Social networks have evolved with the combination of geographical data, into Geo-social networks (GSNs). GSNs give users the opportunity, not only to communicate with each other, but also to share images, videos, locations, and activities. The latest developments in GSNs incorporate the usage of location tracking services, such as GPS to allow users to(More)