Pinaki Sankar Chatterjee

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Hyperglycaemia occurs frequently in critically-ill patients. Not only does it occur among patients with pre-existing diabetes mellitus but elevated blood glucose values during an acute illness can also be seen in previously glucose-tolerant individuals (stress hyperglycaemia). Numerous observational studies have shown an increase in morbidity and mortality(More)
A clinic based descriptive (case series) study was conducted among 106 study subjects with poor glycaemic control in a tertiary care hospital, Kolkata. Poor compliance was observed in 89.62% and 10.38% had good/acceptable compliance. Compliance was better in above 60 years age group, in males, in married and educated persons. Non-compliance factors acted(More)
Cognitive Wireless Sensor Networks follow IEEE 802.22 standard which is based on the concept of cognitive radio. In this paper we have studied the Denial of Service (DOS) attack. Spectrum Sensing Data Falsification (SSDF) attack is one such type of DOS attack. In this attack the attackers modify the sensing report in order to compel the Secondary User (SU)(More)
Sign Language is the language of deaf. This paper discusses an approach for translating Sign Lan-guage videos to its corresponding simple sentence in English. There are different types of sign languages spread all over the world. American Sign Language (ASL) is one of the sign languages. ASL is used by deaf Americans. We have collected some ASL videos in(More)
Sign Language is the language of deaf. There are different types of sign languages spread all over the world. American Sign Language (ASL) is one of the sign languages. ASL is used by deaf Americans. We had created a system that translates sign language videos to simple sentence in English. This system is taking a lot of time for mapping the sign language(More)
The effect of intervention (counselling) on compliance was observed in 106 diabetes mellitus patients with poor glycaemic control attending a clinic. They were selected at random and the period of study extended over 3 months. Intervention (counselling) improved significantly their compliance with advices on diet, exercise and drug as well as their(More)
Now a days, selfish nodes is a huge problem in WSNs. In Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) communication, every node forwards the data packets to neighboring nodes and use up its battery power, bandwidth and memory space. All the nodes transmits packets to other nodes according to their necessities in the ideal situation. Presence of selfish node in the network(More)
Rhetorical Structure Theory (RST) has been in constant research for a number of years. The different parts of a text are called text spans. RST helps in organizing these text spans. These text spans are connected with each other by Discourse markers. In this paper, we are exploring the possibility of realizing some RST relations (CONTRAST, SEQUENCE and(More)
CWSNs provide better bandwidth utilization as compared to a normal wireless sensor network because they use opportunistic spectrum access to transfer data. Opportunistic spectrum access is a very promising and spectrum efficient communication process when there is bur sty traffic in the network. IEEE 802.22 is the first standard based on the concept of(More)
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