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Research on keystroke dynamics biometrics has been increasing, especially in the last decade. The main motivation behind this effort is due to the fact that keystroke dynamics biometrics is economical and can be easily integrated into the existing computer security systems with minimal alteration and user intervention. Numerous studies have been conducted(More)
In this paper, we present a novel keystroke dynamic recognition system by means of a novel two-layer fusion approach. First, we extract four types of keystroke latency as the feature from our dataset. The keystroke latency will be transformed into similarity scores via Gaussian Probability Density Function (GPD). We also propose a new technique, known as(More)
This paper reports the performance and effect of diverse keystroke features combination on keystroke dynamic authentication system by using fusion scheme. First of all, four types of keystroke features are acquired from our collected dataset, later then transformed into similarity scores by the use of Gaussian Probability Density Function (GPD) and(More)
Mobile devices have become an integral part of our routine activities. Some of the activities involve the storage or access of sensitive data (e.g. on-line banking, paperless prescription services, etc.). These mobile electronic services (e-Services) typically require a method to securely identify and authenticate a claimed identity. Currently, e-Services(More)
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