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Fail-stop signature schemes provide security for a signer against forgeries of an enemy with unlimited computational power by enabling the signer to provide a proof of forgery when a forgery happens. Changet al proposed a robust fail-stop blind signature scheme based on bilinear pairings. However, in this paper, it will be found that there are several(More)
Wireless mobile ad hoc networks (MANET) are an emerging area of mobile computing. Security issues concerning MANET are attracting increasing attention nowadays. MANET is a new wireless networking paradigm without a fixed infrastructure, and includes base stations or mobile switching centers. Mobile nodes rely on each other to maintain the network(More)
Short digital signatures are always desirable. They are necessary in situations in which humans are asked to manually key in the signature or when working in low-bandwidth communication environments. They are also useful in general to reduce the communication environments. We propose a short signature scheme based on knapsack and Gap Diffie-Hellman(GDH)(More)
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