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Web content mining is intended to help people discover valuable information from large amount of unstructured data on the web. Movie review mining classifies movie reviews into two polarities: positive and negative. As a type of sentiment-based classification, movie review mining is different from other topic-based classifications. Few empirical studies(More)
Time series are recorded values of an interesting phenomenon such as stock prices, household incomes, or patient heart rates over a period of time. Time series data mining focuses on discovering interesting patterns in such data. This article introduces a wavelet-based time series data analysis to interested readers. It provides a systematic survey of(More)
Past studies on automatic traffic incident detection have mainly focused on the incidents on freeways, which are controlled-access roads. There are not many works on urban traffic incident detection. In addition, the traffic data used in detecting an incident are still mostly collected from fixed sensors such as loop detectors. With the advances in mobile(More)