Pimonpan Kaewprachu

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The effect of protein concentrations on the properties of fish myofibrillar protein film (FMP) were investigated and compared with commercial wrap film (polyvinyl chloride; PVC). FMP (2 %, w/v) showed the highest mechanical properties [tensile strength: 4.38 MPa and elongation at break: 133.05 %], and water vapor permeability [2.81 × 10(-10) g m(-1) s(-1)(More)
This study investigates the properties of films made from fish myofibrillar protein (FMP) incorporated with combinations of catechin-Kradon extract (C/K) (20%, w/w) at different ratios. The experimental films were compared to a polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The thickness and the transparency of the films were in the range of 0.014-0.015mm and 3.65-3.77,(More)
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