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Furrier's lung
As is known, the inhalation of animal hairs can provoke immunological reactions in the respiratory tract affecting the naso-tracheo-bronchial sector and giving rise to asthma-like syndromes. AnotherExpand
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Tridimensional photographic reconstruction in a study of the pathogenesis of honeycomb lung
Tridimensional photographic reconstruction of the lesions found in honeycomb lung in 10 different types of pulmonary disease was made. The pathological picture was characteristic and well defined byExpand
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Pulmonary calcification in the tumor-like form of pulmonary aspergillosis:pulmonary aspergilloma.
Since Sayers and Meriwether (1) suggested in 1932 that fungi could be the cause of some pulmonary calcifications, many epidemiologic studies (2, 3), sensitivity tests ( 4), and histologicExpand
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Liver granulomas containing copper in vineyard sprayer's lung. A new etiology of hepatic granulomatosis.
: In a previous publication the writers described a new pulmonary disease in rural workers who sprayed vineyards with Bordeaux Mixture, a copper sulfate solution neutralized with hydrated lime forExpand
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Intrinsic hemangioma of the peripheral nerves
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Personal experience with pulmonary aspergillomas.
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