Pim van de Berg

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OBJECTIVE To determine the effect of an antiprotozoic treatment on children with persistent abdominal pain and infection with Dientamoeba fragilis. DESIGN Retrospective. METHOD A total of 43 children with D. fragilis infection and persistent gastrointestinal complaints were included in the study. Of these 27 were treated with clioquinol and 16 with a(More)
In this paper the revascularisation pattern of the dog tibia diaphyse following osteotomy and plate osteosynthesis with subsequent osteomyelitis is described at various stages. As compared to undisturbed plate osteosynthesis the differences and conformities in revascularisation are shown. It is attempted to interpret the vessel behaviour under clinical(More)
STUDY DESIGN Retrospective cohort study. BACKGROUND Persons with a lower limb amputation can regain mobility using a prosthetic device. For fast and adequate prescription of prosthetic components, it is necessary to predict the mobility outcome early in rehabilitation. Currently, prosthetic prescription is primarily based on empirical knowledge of(More)
Following the destruction of the medullary vascular system the venous drainage takes place exclusively in a centrifugal direction through vessels leading transcortically to the periost. This is in accordance with the described observations made on the arterial vascular system under the respective conditions of destruction.
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