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PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to ascertain health care and non-health care resources use in the past 12-months and to estimate the cost-of-illness in adult outpatients with drug-resistant epilepsy (DRE) in Spain. METHODS A cross-sectional and retrospective study was designed. Whole nation representative participants (epilepsy and general(More)
The N-terminal-most N-tail of the human ether-à-go-go-related gene (hERG) potassium channel is a crucial modulator of deactivation through its interactions with the S4-S5 loop and/or the C-linker/cNBD, leading to a stabilization of the channel’s open state. Not only the N-terminal, but also the initial C-terminal region of the channel can modulate the(More)
INTRODUCTION Treatment of status epilepticus (SE) has not changed in the last few decades, benzodiazepines plus phenytoin being the most common first line treatment. Intravenous levetiracetam (ivLEV) is a new antiepileptic drug with interesting properties for SE. MATERIAL AND METHODS Efficacy and effectiveness of ivLEV in SE were assessed in an(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify the clinical characteristics associated with poor psychosocial functioning among Spanish patients with epilepsy but no other neurological or psychiatric disorder. METHODS Between May and September 2001 a survey among patients with epilepsy was carried out in 32 Spanish health care centres. The selection criteria of patients were(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the association between patient-reported-outcomes measurements and costs in adult outpatients with drug refractory epilepsy (DRE) in Spain. METHODS Secondary analysis of a cross-sectional study to determine resources utilization and related costs of refractory epilepsy in Spain (LINCE study). Consecutive adult outpatients fulfilling(More)
Clinical research suggests a role for viral load measurement in predicting and monitoring Epstein-Barr virus (EBV)-associated diseases. The aim of this study was to assess the performance of the recently commercially available quantitative assays for EBV based on real-time PCR: the RealArt EBV LC PCR kit and the LightCycler EBV quantification kit. A total(More)
The thermal decomposition mechanism of synthetic Al(OH) 3 (gibbsite) was studied in situ by neutron thermodiffractometry in an ambient atmosphere from room temperature to 6001C with 501C steps. Gibbsite decomposed to yield AlO. (OH) (boeh-mite) and then poorly crystallized v-Al 2 O 3. Rietveld analysis was used to refine the cell parameters' variation of(More)
  • Antonio H. De Aza, Miguel Angel Rodrı́guez, +4 authors Xavier Turrillas
  • 2002
Dolomite powder from Coín (Spain) was heated in air at a constant rate of 2°C/min to 1000°C, while neutron diffraction patterns were collected every 150 s. Rietveld refinement was applied and raw intensity data were used to monitor decomposition. The full process happened in two stages: dolomite decomposition to give calcite and periclase, and calcite(More)
Magnesia–graphite refractories are currently essential for the iron and steel industry. As a result, their physico-chemical characterization is crucial with a view to predicting their service life. In this work, a methodology for the complete analytical characterization of such materials has been developed. Magnesia– graphite refractories generally contain(More)