Pilar Truchado

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Urolithins are microbial metabolites produced from ellagic acid after the intake of dietary ellagitannins by different animals. Urolithin metabolites have distinct UV spectra that enable their(More)
Chlorine dioxide (ClO(2)) has been postulated as an alternative to sodium hypochlorite (NaClO) for fresh-cut produce sanitization to avoid risks associated with chlorination by-products. Experiments(More)
RATIONALE Tetragonula carbonaria pot-honeys are highly valued as a food source and for their biological activities in Australia, and there is a growing interest to know its composition. Phenolic(More)
To select and establish floral biomarkers of the botanical origin of Diplotaxis tenuifolia honeys, the flavonoids and glucosinolates present in bee-deposited nectar collected from hive combs (unripe(More)
The analysis of the phytochemicals present in stingless bee honey samples has been a difficult task due to the small amounts of samples available and to the complexity of the phytochemical(More)