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The Ca2+-dependent retrograde inhibition of inhibitory postsynaptic currents (depolarization-induced-suppression of inhibition; DSI) was investigated using fura-2 Ca2+ measurements and whole-cell patch-clamp recordings in rat cerebellar Purkinje cells. DSI was studied in cells loaded with different concentrations of the Ca2+ chelators BAPTA and EGTA. A(More)
Among Hispanics, the family is viewed as the primary care giver for seriously mentally ill family members. This paper reports on a study of minority families' conceptions of serious mental illness, of their interaction with mental health resources, and on the burdens experienced by families in caring for a seriously mentally ill family member. The focus of(More)
We present evidence showing that paraxanthine (1,7-dimethylxanthine), the main metabolite of caffeine in man, displaces the binding of [3H]SCH 23390, a radioligand which selectively labels dopamine D-1 receptors when used at low concentrations, from striatal membranes of the rat. The displacement was competitive and indicated the existence of two affinity(More)
BACKGROUND Investigation of microRNAs (miRNAs) in obesity, their genetic targets and influence by dietary modulators is of great interest because it may potentially identify novel pathways involved in this complex metabolic disorder and influence future therapeutic approaches. This study aimed to determine whether miRNAs expression may be influenced by(More)
Our aim was to analyse the relationship between migraine and smoking in medical students. Medical students who had already received teaching on migraine were asked to answer an ad hoc questionnaire. A total of 361 students filled in the questionnaire: 245 (68%) were women. International Headache Society criteria were fulfilled by 58 (prevalence of migraine(More)
BACKGROUND The enrichment of diet with nutrients with potential benefits on body composition is a strategy to combat obesity. Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) due its beneficial effects on body composition and inflammatory processes becomes an interesting candidate, since the promotion and impairment of obesity is closely linked to a low-grade inflammation(More)
We examined the potential implication of skeletal muscle in the fat-lowering effect observed in mice treated with moderate doses of CLA. In experiment 1, mice fed with a standard-fat diet were orally treated with sunflower oil (control) and 3 or 10 mg CLA mixture/day for 37 days. In experiment 2, mice were fed with a high-fat diet for 65 days. For the first(More)
The scope of this study was to assess the impact of calcium and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) supplementation on plasma fatty acid profiles and to evaluate potential synergistic effects of both compounds against dietary obesity. Mice separated into five experimental groups were followed: control (C), high-fat diet (HF), HF with calcium (Ca), HF plus CLA(More)
The study of photochemical pollution in very complex terrains, such as the Northeastern Iberian Peninsula (NEIP), is primarily influenced by local topography. This kind of study demands a high spatial resolution. In order to illustrate the influence of the grid resolution on tropospheric ozone levels, several simulations were carried out with(More)
The objective of this paper is to explore the applicability of a very specific design technique at a gate-level to achieve a reduction of switching noise in conventional CMOS digital circuits. The proposed technique optimizes switching noise maintaining operation speed, power consumption and transistor count. Basically, we will show how the selection of the(More)