Pilar P. Barbosa

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1.1 Theoretical overview The analysis of Serbo-Croatian (SC) second position clitic placement has been the source of much controversy in generative linguistics. The most important point of disagreement among competing analyses of this phenomenon has been the extent to which the various components of the grammar—syntax, morphology, phonology—are implicated(More)
Insect outbreaks are expected to increase in frequency and intensity with projected changes in global climate through direct effects of climate change on insect populations and through disruption of community interactions. Although there is much concern about mean changes in global climate, the impact of climatic variability itself on species interactions(More)
Croatian yes-no questions: V 0-raising to-li versus-li hopping. Idioms have long been regarded as conforming to some kind of locality requirement constraining the relations between their parts. This requirement has taken various forms in the literature (see Marantz 1996, Nunberg, Sag, and Wasow 1994, and references cited there), and it will not be important(More)
Diversity of prominent moths (Lepi-doptera: Noctuoidea: Notodontidae) in the cloud forests of northeastern Ecuador, with descriptions of 27 new species. Annals of the Entomologi-cal Society of America. In press. Diversity cascades in alfalfa fields: From plant quality to agroecosystem diversity. Environmental Entomology 37:947-955. Synergistic effects of(More)
[1] The probabilities of the occurrence of extreme dry/wet years and seasons in Europe are estimated by using two ways of the Standardized Precipitation Index (SPI and SPI-GEV) and the Standardized Nonstationary Precipitation Index (SnsPI). The latter is defined as the SPI by fitting precipitation data with a nonstationary Gamma distribution in order to(More)
J. Allwood. The Complex NP constraint as a non-universal rule and some semantic factors influencing the acceptability of Swedish sentences which violate the CNPC construction. In J. A procedure for quantitatively comparing the syntactic coverage of English grammars. A probabilistic corpus-driven model for Lexical-Functional analysis.
The goal of this thesis is to is:olate the properties that characterize the languages that show a correlation between the possibility of dropping a subject and rich subject agreement morphology. I will propose an articulated structure for TP, which is meant to reflect, in binary terms, the relation established among the Speech time, the Reference time and(More)
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