Pilar Pérez Cañizares

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viewpoint by the late Mirko Grmek. As he points out, Epidemics 5 and 7 are remarkable examples of ancient casereporting, often giving sufficient detail to allow a precise modem diagnosis. In this respect they are in no way inferior to the more famous Epidemics 1 and 3, and show the Greek physician at the bedside in an extremely favourable light. Indeed, on(More)
The aim of this paper is to explore various aspects regarding the Hippocratic treatise Affections, mainly its relationships to other Hippocratic treatises concerning genre and the ideology of the author, with the aim of placing this work within its scientific and sociocultural context.
of acupuncture was mediated. But despite being practised quite widely by moderate medical reformers and the odd medical luminary such as John Elliotson (1791-1868), Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Professor of Medicine at London University, 1828-77 saw a decline in academic interest. Bivins examines the records of isolated centres where(More)
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