Pilar Orero

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A GPU implementation is given for real-time visualization of aggregate eye movements (gaze) via heatmaps. Parallelization of the algorithm leads to substantial speedup over its CPU-based implementation and, for the first time, allows real-time rendering of heatmaps atop video. GLSL shader colorization allows the choice of color ramps. Several(More)
Ambient Intelligence is a new paradigm in which environments are sensitive and responsive to the presence of people. This is having an increasing importance in multimedia applications, which frequently rely on sensors to provide useful information to the user. In this context, multimedia applications must adapt and personalize both content and interfaces in(More)
Hybrid Broadcast Television for All is a European Commission co-financed project, inside the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP). The project builds on HbbTV, the European standard for broadcast and broadband multimedia converged services, and looks at how HbbTV technology may be used to enhance access services (such as subtitling,(More)
A novel method for distinguishing classes of viewers from their aggregated eye movements is described. The probabilistic framework accumulates uniformly sampled gaze as Gaussian point spread functions (heatmaps), and measures the distance of unclassified scanpaths to a previously classified set (or sets). A similarity measure is then computed over the(More)
El grupo de investigación TransMedia Catalonia (2014SGR27) de la Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona lleva más de una década dedicado a la formación, la investigación y la transferencia del conocimiento de la traducción audiovisual y la accesibilidad. Desde el año 2004, algunos miembros del grupo se han centrado en el ámbito de los videojuegos, que han(More)